"Peter draws you in with his blue-eyed soul, embraces you 
with the warmth of his melodies, lifts you up with
 his falsetto tones, holds you there for a moment,
 then drops you to your knees, and 
makes love with his soft 
whispered words." 


 The first time I heard the song "Baby Come Back" playing on my radio, I was completely mesmerized. It was as if someone had pressed my "pause" button, and there was no moving until I heard every word and note of this song. At this time in my life, I was a huge follower of Jon Anderson from the band Yes, convinced that he was a "rock angel" God had sent down from heaven to lift us up and show us "the way". While he sang about the beauty of the earth, sky, and beyond, I was touched in a different way by this new "angelic" voice singing about the beauty of the heart and soul, pouring his own heart out for the love between a man and woman. To a romantic like myself, this was everything. He sang in soft, sultry whispers, yet with a soulful intensity to his voice. The words were clear and simple, the music melodic and pure, with the backing harmonies and haunting guitars bringing it all together.
    It was 1977, and although there were many bands out there playing similar music, there was "something in every thing about" Peter Beckett and PLAYER. All I knew is that I wanted to hear more of this band's music so I bought the 8 track tape. It proved to be a very rewarding investment with every song just as well written and played as the last. Soon after, PLAYER's video for "Baby Come Back" started showing up on television, which made me realize that not only could this band sing and play exceptionally well, but they also turned out to be very "easy on the eyes", with their long, stylish hair and hip attire. Since the British Invasion in the 60's, I had always had a fondness for English accents, long hair, and guitar players. Like fate, it was in the cards for Peter Beckett to be my favorite band member, and I have followed his career ever since. Forty years later, with more knowledge of, and appreciation, for good music I am still taken in by the beautiful words and melodies that this man flawlessly produces. He is intoxicating and inspirational. With every word he sings, he hands you his heart and soul. Peter Beckett is the most under -rated singer, song writer, musician, and producer in the music industry.

    December of 2004, I was going through Beckett withdrawal, wondering when Peter was going to break out a new cd, solo or with PLAYER. It had been a very long stretch since his last release in 1996. That is when I realized that the original PLAYER website had disappeared off the internet completely, and there wasn't information anywhere to be found. I then decided to take on the task of setting up a new site for other Beckett/Player fans to get information, and also for Peter  himself. I can't think of anyone more deserving.
    After eight months of research, writing, and living on the internet to complete this project, I can honestly say that it has been a very enjoyable experience. Many critics through the years have labeled Peter's style of music so many different ways, such as blue-eyed soul, rock and roll, AOR, soft-pop, but whatever you wish to call him, he is definitely brilliant. He has written songs for many artists and movie soundtracks, but the real deal is hearing Peter performing his own music. If you are fortunate enough to own any of Peter's music, then you have been blessed with a precious gift. If you are not familiar with his music, then you are missing a beautiful experience. He has a way of drawing you into his song, holding you captive, then releasing you, feeling better for it. His words capture you with such familiarity, and you know you've been in that place before. Not to be overlooked, Peter also plays a variety of instruments, and plays them exceptionally well. He is a well rounded musician as well as  an arranger and producer.
    Although this website has been in view for a few months, while I have been working on it I thought that Labor Day, September 5, 2005, would be the perfect day to officially release it. It has been my "labor of love" to keep good music alive, and share it with others. God knows, with the way music is turning today, we are in dire need of musicians like Peter Beckett who speak from the heart and soul. I hope every music lover that visits this website gets "Something Good" from it because it was written with you in mind. And also to Peter, "It's For You".....


 Peter found me! For almost a year, I emailed everyone that knew him, begging for photos and info for the website. Everyone was so generous and helpful. I made sure I told them not to mention the website to Peter until I had it in perfect order. I didn't want him to see it under construction, and say, "what the heck is this mess?"
   It was a friday night, November 13th, 2005. I remember the date because it was my friend's birthday, and I had taken her to the TLA(Theater Of Living Arts) on South Street, in Philadelphia, to see Jon Anderson solo, lead singer of one of our favorite bands, YES. We met Jon after the show to chat and get a few things autographed. I gave him a copy of 'Paladin Charge!' Paladin was an English progressive rock band from the early 70's. Peter Beckett just happened to be the bass player/vocal for the band. It was known that Jon Anderson was a fan of theirs. Paladin never made it big in the States, a real shame because their music is an unbelievable mixture of rock, blues, soul, latin, and jazz, like I've never heard before. 
   When I got home that night, I checked my email, like I always do, and there was a very odd email among them that came through my website "Contact" page. It said, "who is this Peter dude, and why are you wasting your time on him??" What a cocky person, I thought, to question me about something I worked on so hard for a year, and was very proud of. I am very sensitive, and so I took it to heart. The more I thought about it, the more this comment bothered me. I then answered this person back, also in a cocky fashion, "who are you to tell me that I am wasting my time when you are wasting your time telling me that I am wasting my time? It's a friday night, and shouldn't you be out partying instead of worrying about what I am doing? Besides, if you don't know who Peter Beckett is, than you don't know good music!"
   The next night I checked my emails, and there was another message from this same person. This time they simply said "Take a moment and look at the email address," signed Peter Beckett. Well ok, it was similar to Peter's name but I had emailed a list of "Peter Beckett's" months before, trying to get in touch with him about my website, with no luck. For all I knew, it could have been an imposter playing a trick on me. I told him I needed proof of his idenity. (Oh yes I did!) Here, he was online the same exact time as I was, and he emailed me right back, saying "Ease up, Carol told me to contact you. I love the website. Talk to me!!" I knew then that a relative of Peter's had told him about my website. I had heard from her a few weeks before because she corrected his birthday for me. As soon as he mentioned her name,  I knew it was really Peter.
   All I can say is, thank God he couldn't see my reaction! I was grinning from ear to ear, and turned a shade of red to match my flaming red hair.(and I don't do that often!) Yes, someone was playing a trick on me, and it was Peter! He really got me, and good! He did email me back and apologized for having some fun with me.  I had no problem with forgiving him, after all it was the real Peter Beckett! I could just picture him sitting at his computer laughing mischieviously about his little prank. I then emailed him and said I would eventually get him back by torturing him with  hundreds of questions that I've had on my mind for years, about his music(and I think I have been very successful in that). Politely, he said we'd take them one at a time, and that he was amazed I knew more about him than he remembered about himself. I was so honored! The worst thing that Peter could have ever said to me was "talk to me", because I haven't stopped since! Since creating Peter Beckett's Official website, I have created the Official PLAYER websiteThe Limey Cowboy, and Peter Beckett PLAYER Songs.

 * Peter updated me later and told me that ironically, he and his band The Thoughts had toured Germany with Jon Anderson and his band The Warriors back in the 60's. Jon also lived upstairs from him at that time....very small world indeed....