Been a fan since I was 16, I'm 56 now. Still love the music, you're awesome
Hi Peter Beckett and Player I was stunned to find your website - it's phenomenal. I've listened to you and your band since I was little - you were all so young then also. Now I'm musically educating my young 13 year old son Jonathan to your timeless electrifying soulful music - and he thinks its the coolest thing, including your YouTube RETRO videos. serious. The new generation must hear and know about you all. Thank you for your incredible contribution to the world. Keeps hearts and souls alive and inspired. Thank you for sharing your gift. You have no idea how many spirits and lives you've really touched and saved. Best Wishes to you all! Sincerely, Lisa from Brooklyn.
I have followed thou from day one. Your still as great as ever. Don't stop