Peter Beckett began his stint with the Australia's Little River Band, by writing songs for the band starting in 1988. Along with Glenn Shorrock, LRB's original lead singer, Peter teamed up to write 'Soul Searching' for LRB's Monsoon(MCA) album. Along with songwriter/producer Dennis Lambert, Peter also wrote 'Everytime I Turn Around', which was recorded on LRB's Get Lucky LP(MCA). A recording of this also reappeared on Player's Lost In Reality album in 1996. Little River Band members at the time of the recording were Glenn Shorrock(lead vocals), Derek Pellicci(drums), Stephen Housden(lead guitar), Graeham Goble (guitar/vocals), and Wayne Nelson(bass/ vocals). After the release of Get Lucky, Graeham Goble astonished everyone by departing the band. Paul Palmer, their manager as well as Player's, asked Peter to take his place on guitar and backup vocals, to which Peter obliged. They went on to play an Australian tour, and returned to the States for another leg of the tour.

Tony Sciuto also toured with the band in 1990, adding a more keyboard oriented sound to their live performances, along with his guitar skills and backup vocals. In 1991, the band released another record titled World Wide Love. This project was a mixture of the best songs taken from the last two albums, Monsoon and Get Lucky. The title track 'World Wide Love', was released as a single, written by Tony Sciuto, Derek Pellicci, and Peter Beckett. This song was also used as a fundraising theme for The World Food Bank that year. The B side, 'The Bottom Line', was written by Peter with Derek Pellicci. Peter would also release this song on his own solo album, Beckett, the same year. 

By 1992, Little River Band went on an extensive world wide tour throughout Europe and the USA. Peter was the featured artist, singing his number one hit from his PLAYER days, 'Baby Come Back'. A live version of this tour was released on Blue Mountain Records by LITTLE RIVER BAND called Live Classics.This album was dedicated to Wayne Nelson's daughter Aubree, who at the age of 13 died in a car crash that year. The band was back on the road again but Tony Sciuto had left in 1992 to rejoin his own band, Banging Rush. Tony then returned to the band in 1993 to 1997. Richard Bryant stepped in to take over the keyboards. When the world tour was finished, the band members went their separate ways. 1994 saw Stephen Housden releasing a soley instrumental album New World Groove(Guitar Nine Records), showing his stunning guitar technique from his Celtic influences. He was assisted by Derek Pellicci on the drum programming and percussion. 

Also in 1995, Little River Band's Twentieth Anniversary Collection, compiled and also produced by Derek Pellicci, was released on Rhino Records.The new double CD was a collection of 37 of the best songs from the band's career since 1975, including the John Farnham era. The band was on the road once again but due to over excessive touring schedules, Glen quit the band in 1996, as well as Wayne Nelson. Glen was then replaced by Steve Wade, x-lead vocal for the Graeham Goble Experience. Wayne Nelson was replaced by Hal Tupea on bass. With Wade as the frontman on lead vocals, Little River Band traveled two world tours, also playing 500 gigs in the US as well as a short tour of New Zealand. Wayne continued his work producing custom sound for StudioWest in San Diego. Tony Sciuto returned to play keyboards once again from 1996- 1997. 

When this tour ended, Peter left the band to return to his other projects involving Player. Tony Sciuto went on to released Holiday In Eden with his band, Banging Rush. Steve Wade remained LRB'S lead singer until 1999. After terminating his membership, Steve release his self-titled album in 2001, and is credited with a number of television and radio commercials, variety shows, and soundtracks. Wayne Nelson, taking over the lead vocals, rejoined the group in 1999 and still tours with Steve Housden, Greg Hind(guitar), Chris Mario (keyboards,vocals) and Billy Thomas(drums) as Little River Band. LRB was, and still is the finest soft-rock band from Australia, now celebrating their 30th anniversary this year(2005). Glen Shorrock went on to form BSG, with Beebs Birtles, and Graeham Goble, touring Australia, playing the great songs that they wrote and made famous with Little River Band. Birtles, Shorrock, and Goble are planning an American tour for 2006.




 1.     World Wide Love (Beckett,Sciuto,Pellicci)
 2.     It's Cold Out Tonight (Goble)
 3.     There's Not Another You (Goble)
 4.     Soul Searching (Beckett,Shorrock)
 5.     Parallel Lines (Shorrock,Crowley) 
 6.     Son Of A Famous Man       
 7.     The Rhythm King (Pellicci,Capek)
 8.     If I Get Lucky (Chapman)
I Dream Alone (Pellicci,Shorrock)
The One That Got Away (Nelson,Lambert,Gaudette)

Backup vocals and guitar: Peter Beckett

 1.     Happy Anniversary (Birtles,Briggs)
 2.     It's A Long Way There (Goble)
 3.     I Dream Alone (Shorrock,Pellicci)
 4.     Skyboat (Housden)
 5.     Man On Your Mind (Shorrock,Tolhurst)
 6.     Lonesome Loser (Briggs)
 7.     Take It Easy On Me (Goble)
 8.     Reminiscing (Goble)
 9.     Baby Come Back (Beckett,Crowley

10.   Walk Together (Froggatt,Thomas)
11.   The Night Owls (Goble)
12.   Help Is On It's Way (Shorrock)
13.   Cool Change (Shorrock)
14.   Lady (Goble)
15.   Summertime Blues (Cochran,Capehart)
16.   Walk Together (Studio)
17.   My Own Way Home (Studio)  

Band members: Peter Beckett, Richard Bryant, Stephen Housden, Wayne Nelson, Derek Pellicci, Glen Shorrock



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1990 Australia Tour with Warren Zevon
04/03/1990  Melbourne, Australia - Hilton Hotel (Warren Zevon)
04/04/1990  Melbourne, Australia - Hilton Hotel (
Warren Zevon)
04/05/1990  Melbourne, Australia - Hilton Hotel (
Warren Zevon)
04/06/1990  Melbourne, Australia - Hilton Hotel (
Warren Zevon)
04/07/1990  Melbourne, Australia - Hilton Hotel (
Warren Zevon)
04/08/1990  Melbourne, Australia - Hilton Hotel (
Warren Zevon)
04/17/1990  Sydney, Australia - Hilton Hotel (
Warren Zevon)
04/18/1990  Sydney, Australia - Hilton Hotel (
Warren Zevon)
04/19/1990  Sydney, Australia - Hilton Hotel (
Warren Zevon)
04/20/1990  Sydney, Australia - Hilton Hotel (
Warren Zevon)
04/21/1990  Sydney, Australia - Hilton Hotel (
Warren Zevon)
04/22/1990  Sydney, Australia - Hilton Hotel (
Warren Zevon)
04/23/1990  Adelaide, Australia - Hilton Hotel (
Warren Zevon)
04/24/1990  Adelaide, Australia - Hilton Hotel (
Warren Zevon)
04/25/1990  Adelaide, Australia - Hilton Hotel (
Warren Zevon)
04/26/1990  Adelaide, Australia - Hilton Hotel (
Warren Zevon)
04/27/1990  Adelaide, Australia - Hilton Hotel (
Warren Zevon)
04/28/1990  Adelaide, Australia - Hilton Hotel (
Warren Zevon)
04/29/1990  Adelaide, Australia - Hilton Hotel (
Warren Zevon)
05/03/1990  Perth, Australia - Burswood Casino (
Warren Zevon)
05/04/1990  Perth, Australia - Burswood Casino (
Warren Zevon)
05/05/1990  Perth, Australia - Burswood Casino (
Warren Zevon)
05/06/1990  Perth, Australia - Burswood Casino (
Warren Zevon)

05/??/1990  Coach House San Juan Capistrano CA
06/08/1990  Starlight Theatre Kansas City MO (Air Supply)
07/??/1990  San Diego County Fair San Diego CA
Little River Band, Allman Brothers, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Beach Boys, Strange Girls European Tour 1991
6/27/1991 Grugahalle Essen Germany
6/28/1991 Waldbuhne Berlin Germany
6/29/1991 Open Air Inselwiese Dinkelsbuhl Germany
6/30/1991 Jahnstadion Gottingen Germany
7/02/1991 Nya Ullevi Stadium, Gothenburg, Sweden 
7/04/1991 E-Werk Cologne Germany
7/05/1991 Fußballstadion, Aue, Germany
7/06/1991 VFB Waldstadion Giessen Germany
7/07/1991 Pferderennbahn, Frauenfeld, Switzerland
7/09/1991 Urfahrer Festival, Linz, Austria

7/25/1991 Blue Note Columbia MO
8/??/1991 Carefree Theatre West Palm Beach FL
8/18/1991 Munn Ice Arena East Lansing MI (5th Annual MI Festival)
8/20/1991 Musikfest Kunstplatz Bethlehem PA
9/04/1991 Ohne Filter Club Baden-Baden Germany (ORB German TV)
9/??/1991 Adams County Fair Hasting NE(Oak Ridge Boys,Paul Revere, Travis Tritt, Sawyer Brown)
?/??/1991  Disneyland, CA
?/??/1992  Santa Clara County Fair  San Jose CA
?/??/1992  Knockti Harbor Resort Clear Lake California
7/19/1992  Parkers ballroom Seattle WA
7/31/1992  Meadowbrook Rochester Hills MI (Seals and Crofts)
8/07/1992  Midland Theatre Kansas City MO (Seals and Crofts)
8/08/1992  Town and Country Fair Washington MO(Seals and Crofts)
8/09/1992  Rapids On the Reservoir, Branden, MS(Seals and Crofts) 
8/10/1992  Heyman Pac, Lafayette, LA (Seals and Crofts)
8/12/1992  Chastain Park, Atlanta, GA (Seals and Crofts)
8/14/1992  Warner Theatre, Erie, PA (Seals and Crofts)
8/15/1992  Melody Fair Theatre, Tonawanda, NY (Seals and Crofts)
8/16/1992  Hampton Beach Casino Hampton NH (Seals and Crofts)
8/18/1992  Ontario Place, Ontario Canada (Seals and Crofts)
8/19/1992  Mid Hudson Civic Center Pouyghkeepsie NY (Seals and Crofts)
8/20/1992  Valley Forge Music Fair Devon PA (Seals and Crofts)
8/21/1992  Kirby Center Wilkes Barre PA (Seals and Crofts)
8/22/1992  Pier Six Concert Pavilion Baltimore MD(Seals and Crofts)
9/??/1992  Seagate Center  Toledo OH
9/20/1992  Huxleys Neue Wele  Berlin Germany
10/6/1992  The Bridge Hotel Rozelle Australia

08/17/1994  Musikfest Bethlehem PA (cancelled)
08/29/1994  Hampton Beach Casino Hampton  NH
??/?/1995  House of Blues Hollywood CA
5/21/1995 Hershey Park Amphitheater Hersehey PA
6/25/1995  Pine Knob Music Theater Clarkston MI (ELO)
7/04/1995  Eyes To The Skies Festival Chicago IL (Survivor, Starship)
7/16/1995  Rock Fest 2nd Annual Cadott WI (Kansas, Foreigner, Fleetwood Mac)
7/28/1995  Dixie Center Cox Auditorium
7/20/1995  The Love Shack Des Moines IA
8/03/1995  Commodore Vancouver Canada (Crusoe)
8/05/1995  Playfair Race Course Spokane WA (America)
8/14/1995  The Outback Tuscon AZ
8/??/1995   Minnesota State Fair St Paul MN (Chicago)

9/03/1995  Tunetown Oil City PA
9/01/1995  Septemberfest Schaumburg IL
?/??/1995  Frederick Brown Junior Amphitheater Peachtree City GA

5/31/1996    Starlight Theater Kansas City MO (Poco, America) 
5/??/1996    Riverfest Gadsden AL
6/01/1996    Verizon Wireless Maryland Heights, MO (Poco,America)
7/??/1996    3rd Annual Rock fest Cadott WI (Ted Nuggent)
7/28/1996    Great Adventure Jackson NJ(Poco, America)
8/03/1996    Surf Ballroom Clear Lake IA
8/16/1996     Lane County Fair, Eugene OR(Paul Revere/Raiders)
9/01/1996     SeptemberFest Schaumberg IL (Kansas)
9/??/1996    Sioux Falls SD
9/2?/1996    Central Washington State Fair WA
9/24/1996    Opera House Spokane WA
?/??/1996    AAA Bar Los Angeles CA
12/18/1996  West End Theater Sanford FL
1996            Riverfest Watertown WI
1996            Alton Casino  Rockville MD
1996            Boomtown Casino Harvey LA
1996            Boomers 
1996                                                Richmond VA
4/??/1997  Contraband Days Lake Charles LA
5/15/1997  Lady Luck Casino Bettendorf IA
5/17/1997  Lady Luck Casino Bettendorf IA
5/18/1997  Lady Luck Casino Bettendorf IA
5/25/1997  River Rock '97  NV
5/31/1997   Paducah KY
5/??/1997   Roof Garden Arnold Park IA
6/07/1997  Harbor Fest/Town Point Park Norfolk VA (Chuck Berry)
6/11/1997   Grizzly Rose Denver CO
6/16/1997   Blue Note Columbia MO
6/18/1997   Steamboat Days/Riverfront Stage Burlington IA
6/19/1997   Blue Owl Columbia MO
6/25/1997   Baton Rouge LA
7/04/1997  Frontier Days Arlington Heights IL (Starship, Buckinghams)
7/21/1997   Coyotes Louisville KY
?/??/1997   Chinook Winds Casino Lincoln City OR
8/04/1997   Somoma County Fair Santa Rosa CA
8/08/1997   Town and Country Fair Washington MO
8/13/1997   Sun Studios Memphis TN
8/14/1997   Rock the Square Cincinnati OH
8/22/1997   Rotary Park Wentzville MO
8/23/1997    Forum Civic Center  Rome GA
8/27/1997   Boomtown Harvey LA
8/31/1997   Columbia County Chatham NY
9/05/1997   Danville Harvest Jubilee Danville VA
9/06/1997   Mountain Arts Center  Prestonsburg KY
9/13/1997    Point Cadet MI
9/14/1997   Crestview Music Fair  Crestview FL
4/28/1997   Young Arena  Waterloo IA
5/15/1997   Alton Belle Casino  Alton IL (Poco)
1997           Biloxi MS
7/23/1997   Ribfest Minneapolis MN
1997           Louisville KY
?/??/1997   Roof Garden Arnolds Park IA

5/01/2010  Ovation Lounge Henderson NV (35th Anniversary)